GBC VeloBind Strips A4 Black 25mm (100)

£25.99 EX VAT

Binding doesn’t get any simpler! Whether you want to bind editable reports quickly and easily at your desk or produce permanently bound legal contracts, there are 3 different forms of GBC StripBind? to meet all your binding needs. With the GBC StripBind? system, both personal users and office professionals can achieve a book-like finish in seconds and produce stylish documents that stand out from the crowd.

Choose from: VeloBind? 4-prong (ideal for personal or desktop use as it can be opened and closed easily for editing purposes), Surebind? 10-prong or VeloBind? 12-prong featuring sturdy spine pins that weld permanently to keep confidential reports and classified documents tamper-proof and secure. Spines come in a variety of sizes (capable of binding up to 750 pages) and in a choice of colours so you can customise your documents to suit the content, your audience and your company image.

  • Secure, 12-prong format
  • Ideal for busy offices and professional use
  • A choice of 3 standard sheet capacities will allow you to bind up to 750 pages
  • Secure, welded finish ideal for contractual, legal and personnel documentation
  • Available in a choice of 8 colours and in A4 and A5 sizes
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